Anasounds - Phase Lag

The Anasounds Phase Lag pedal came in as a "You Send It I Bend It" from Anasounds themselfs.
It was after I had gotten mentioned in one of their posts about another pedal on facebook that we got in touch and they asked me to fuck with one of their pedals.
We landed on the phaser after I told them that phasers are the type of pedal that so far always have worked great to circuit bend.

And boii did this one turn out amazing!
Seven unique switches that goes from subtle tremolo to complete fuckery this one is absolutely one of my all time favorite pedals upon completion. To actually circuit bend it aint that hard either. I didnt even take out the circuit I just presoldered all the points and went straight with switches.
Im looking very much forward to circuit bending more of the Anasounds pedals. Especially the Utopia delay.

The coolest thing with the Anasounds pedals is the big ring of LEDs to light up the big A when engaged. Stay away from that when bending, haha. 

On the request from Anasounds themselfs I also avoided drilling in their lovely wood design.

Inside Picture