Magpie Sample Packs


Welcome to the Magpie Sample packs!
All sample packs will be listed down low on this page.
But the latest "Secret Sample Pack" is what you find to the right!

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Did you make something?!

Did you make something with a magpie sample pack? Upload it to your youtube/bandcamp/soundcloud and shoot me the link!
Tell me which pack you used and you'll end up in a Magpie Pirates album based on that sample pack.

You can of course fuck up the samples and add your own sounds to the track you make!

  • Cypis • August 13, 2018 at 10:55:30 PM
    heyyy magpie, made some music with gramophone sample pack! i hope its not too messy!
  • did you remove it?

    August 16, 2018 at 2:38:02 PM

Download Secret Sample Pack #2 (not yet)

If you make something with this sample pack and link it to me - it will be included in the video where I show how I made that sample pack!

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The Making Of Sample Packs

Community Project

Nasty Sounds Sample Pack

Im working on a sample pack with the NASTYEST sounds imaginable! And would love for you to help me out.

Simple record some of the nasty sounds you can find and submit them here. Write what it is youve sampled and why its so nasty! 


  • (max 50 MB)