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Welcome to the Magpie market place! 

Here you will find everything I make 'n' create that I have for sale atm.
Prices are all excl. shipping but buying for 200
 or more grants you free international shipping!
Otherwise shipping is 20

Below all the Magpie DIY and circuit bent gear you'll find a second hand market.
Thats gear that I havn't done anything with but still want to sell. It's everything from crappy mixers to eurorack modules and synthesizers.

You can click alot of the titles of the units that are for sale to get to a demo or info video on what it does/is.

All payments are done with paypal after you've sent a enquiry to buy something.

Thank you!

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Delay - 90€

Palisades - 200€

Ghost Echo - 150€


Super Fuzz - 80€